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(Doom) DOZETHRONE - Dozethrone Bloody Dozethrone album review

Released January 17, 2021 (Bandcamp)

"Dozethrone is a doom and sludge metal band from Singapore. Dozethrone writes impromptu instrumental songs during jam sessions. Dozethrone performs boring and repetitive songs."

Hmm, the band's Facebook page seems to be tongue-in-cheek or unjustly harsh on themselves re: the latter bit, but otherwise it is spot-on. Containing three songs, each ranging from 11 to 15 minutes, Dozethrone embrace the principal of "don't waste a good riff", locking into riffs and bludgeoning listeners with it over and over again until there's nothing left to do but let the decibels wash over you in a glorious tidal wave.

The album title is not only a tipping of the down tuned chord to the pioneers of doom metal, Black Sabbath, the title track here in fact steals the "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" riff, twists it up and throws it back out at you from some dark, dreary practice space. The guitars are spot on of course, but the bass also plays a prominent role, throbbing up a Geezer storm adding necessary depth to the tracks.

Think about those sections of latter-era Sabbath concerts where Ozzy left the stage giving Tony/Geezer/Tommy the opportunity to throw out riff after riff of doom laden heaviosity, free of Ozzy's vocal constraints. That is what you'll experience here with Dozethrone's fourth full length of instrumental woofer damaging destruction. Fucking glorious.



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