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ALBUMS OF THE MONTH - February 2022

What an amazing month of new releases we have to celebrate this outing.

Join The Mighty Decibel as we name and listen to our fave albums of February 2022 across four categories: extreme metal (black, thrash and death), doom metal, hardcore punk and hard'n'heavy.

Horns high!!



Extreme Metal

ELIZABETH - Elizabeth

ULTRA SILVAM - Sanctity of Death

WARKVLT - Le666ion of Nusanatra

DEATHHAMMER - Electric Warfare

SEPULCHRAL - From Beyond The Burial Ground

EXTINGUISHED - Vomitous Manifestations

Doom Metal

SLEEPWULF - Sunbeams Curl

VOLCANOVA - Cosmic Bullshit

Hardcore Punk

LOOSE NUKES - Mexploitation

RAZORRAPE - Fucked Beyond Recognition


EVIL SHADE - Vandals

NIGHT COBRA - Dawn of the Serpent

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