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(Album Review) SCHIZOGOAT - War, Pestilence and Sacrifice

Release date August 31, 2021 (Helldprod Records)

Written by: Jeff Tighe

War, Pestilence & Sacrifice is a 7 song, 20 minute blast of black thrash from Brazil's Schizogoat. Formed in 2020 by guitarist/vocalist Jhonata Hellfire and drummer Ramon Deathhammer, these boys are reminiscent of early Bathory or Hellhammer. The English language vocals are of the unoriginal black variety, but they don't detract too much from the excellent, face-melting instrumentals. The occasional high pitch scream show that Hellfire is capable of more and better vocal range if he so chooses.

The entire album is a high speed thrash assault, with very little down time, but it isn't just incessant noise. The riffs are quite catchy, as well as ferocious. Bursting out of the gates with "Hellish Killer" the band put everyone on notice that this effort will not be for the squeamish. Following up is a somewhat mid-paced, but heavy, "Necrowar", which of course speeds up before too long. The following tracks, "The Beast Revolt", "Under Fire" and "Alcoholic Blasphemy" are all blistering speedy thrash numbers.

The second last track, "Burning the Law", is probably the best track on the album and is an instrumental that will remind listeners of classic Destruction. Interestingly the final song, "Evil Necromancy" finds Hellfire drop some of the pedestrian black vocals and sing in a voice closer to his own, and it is easily the best vocal performance on the album. He should seriously consider doing that for the entirety of the band's next album, it is more than evil sounding enough.

The production can probably be called a bit muddy, but this is underground thrash, not a Metallica album, so anyone who expects anything else isn't paying attention. Besides, that is part of the charm of playing Schizogoat for your wimpy friends who think Hetfield and Co. are hardcore metal. Great stuff for over the top thrash addicts.



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