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(Album Review) BLOOD SPORT - Hot Blood and Cold Steel

Release date: July 9, 2021 (Gates of Hell Records)

Written by Jeff Tighe

Hot Blood and Cold Steel is the first non-demo release from Finland's Blood Sport. The production is somewhat low-grade, with V's English language vocals sounding like they were recorded in a well in the studio floor or perhaps a nearby washroom. Still, this 6 song, 19 minute EP is blazing speed metal, and the hardcore headbangers who create and listen to this type of music are not know for being prissy or picky.

Blood Sport appear to be a two person band, with V (a female) on vocals and Burst (a male) on guitar. V's voice sounds like a female version of a young Vince Neil, and with the high pitch she pierces through the storm of noise that Burst is cranking out. The opening trio of songs, "Machine Gun", "Sin Unto Death" and "Niterider" all have the common theme of speed, heavy (somewhat repetitive) riffs and catchy choruses that are memorable courtesy of V's vocal talents. To these ears, the guitar riffs are reminiscent of early Saxon crossed with the speed of early Helloween. The bass and drums are pounding, while the guitar solos tend to be used as blunt objects. The back three songs continue the same speedy pace, but the fourth song, "Steel System" is the weakest track on the EP because of the lack of hook that the other songs all have. The last two songs, "Agitator" and "Blood Sports" are a bit weaker than the first three, but they are a step up from "Steel System". certainly what they lack in nuance they make up for with aggression. Blood Sport only have one speed (fast) and one style (a swift kick to the face). (7)

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