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(Extreme Metal) DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Mortuary and Savagery

Put on those swim goggles and dive in with us into the murky extreme underground waters for some more short length releases ...

First we visit France for a new EP from death metal veterans Mortuary who pummel the willing with their three track, sixteen minute The Old Skull Reign (XenoKorp). If you're a Vader fan, this one will definitely be worth your while to check out. Ultra speedy (verging on thrash) death is the order of the day, including some very cool lead guitar soloing.

Lots of nooks and crannies here too, songs filled with interesting change-ups and even a quick youth chant section in opener "Under The Cross". Some thirty plus years after their debut demo, Mortuary prove that they aren't quite ready for retirement yet. (8)

Changing things up a bit, let's reach for some speed/thrash from French/German unit Savagery, with their debut EP Off The Ruins ... (Dying Victims). Old school, race-to-the-finish speed on full display here, complete with barks and harried yelps for vocals. This screams youthful enthusiasm, adrenaline driving the performers to feats of speedy abandon. Four songs in sixteen minutes, including a cover of Toxic Holocaust's "Awaken The Serpent". Fun stuff. (7.5)

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