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(Podcast) RAMONES - Discography Review

The Mighty Decibel completes its eighth discography review podcast, focusing on the Godfathers of punk rock ... RAMONES.

From Ramones to Adios Amigos, all 13 (!) original studio albums are ravaged or lustily approved in this critical review ... with highlighted tracks to help set the record straight!

D.U.M.B. everyone's accusing me!

(3:55) "I Wanna Sniff Some Glue" - Ramones

(6:59) "Pinhead" - Leave Home

(10:29) "We're A Happy Family" - Rocket To Russia

(14:22) "I'm Against It" - Road To Ruin

(18:05) "I'm Affected" - End of the Century

(21:58) "KKK Took My Baby Away" - Pleasant Dreams

(25:56) "Psycho Therapy" - Subterranean Jungle

(30:04) "Durango 95/Endless Vacation" - Too Tough To Die

(33:44) "Love Kills" - Animal Boy

(37:21) "I'm Not Jesus" - Halfway To Sanity

(41:08) "Zero Zero UFO" - Brain Drain

(45:01) "Strength To Endure" - Mondo Bizarro

(49:02) "Life's A Gas" - Adios Amigos

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