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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Maxxpower and Kruelty reviews

Once more we uncover some new noise from the underground scene ...

First up we have a Montreal's Maxxpower who explode with a new five-track EP of self-proclaimed 'fastcore punk' all delivered in under three minutes. No let up, no respite, the band hits the gas out of the gate and rarely takes its foot off the accelerator on the cleverly titled Path of Leased Resistance (Bandcamp). One of those don't blink or it'll be over experiences, this is some very abrasive, extremely high-tempo aggro punk, injected further with a heated vocal performance at the mic. Maxxpower will only be welcomed by the most hardened of hardcore punkers and crossover freaks out there. (7.5)

Slowing things down for our next outing, we have Japan's Kruelty who step forward with their sophomore EP (after a debut full length) Immortal Nightmare (Creator-Destructor Records). Containing three tracks (two re-recorded songs and one cover of Grave's "Into The Grave"), this is some extremely heavy stuff, marrying head crushing, slower pace doom with mid-tempo death metal, egged on by a mic-swallowing vocal performance. Death/Doom delivered with utter conviction. Asphyx fans should check this out. (7.5)

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