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CARDIAC ARREST - The Day That Death Prevailed

Release date July 27, 2020 (Memento Mori)

Are you someone who digs the heaviest of death metal, but prefer it not delving into wall-of-sound war metal territory? If so, you'll need to check out the new The Day That Death Prevailed platter from Chicago's Cardiac Arrest for your next metal of death fix.

The prime calling card for these veterans of the scene (this is their seventh full length) is an absolutely crushing guitar tone that rattles the bones and pummels the stomach, making this one seriously heavy release. Vocals are of the gurgle/vomit category (think Glen Benton of Deicide fame), rolling and roiling in the filthy riff sewage, perfect for this type of sonic warfare. The lads mix up tempos as well, redlining often, but slowing things down to a crawl at times allowing the weight of the release to overwhelm the listener as was obviously its intent, likely to elicit a "holy crap!" response.



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