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(Celtic Punk) THE REAL MCKENZIES - Beer and Loathing album review

Release Date July 7, 2020 (Fat Wreck Records)

This is the 10th studio album from British Columbia natives The Real McKenzies since their 1992 founding, and a good one it is. For those who don't know, The Real McKenzies are a Celtic punk band whose regular use of bag pipes and lyrics of drunken escapades infuse their sound with a Scottish vibe.

Their latest effort finds the band in familiar territory, but when you are happy at home, why leave? Vocalist and founding member Paul McKenzie is in fine form, with his clean, harmonious vocals sounding as strong as ever. The other members are on their first or second album with the band, but everyone knows what they are doing, and there are no weak spots to report.

The bulk of the album does have that Celtic punk feel that fans of Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys will appreciate. Standout tracks include "Nary Do Gooder", "Big Foot Steps" and "A Seafarer's Return". Another batch of songs have a sound that is very reminiscent of Bad Religion, such as "Beer & Loathing", "Death of the Winnipeg Scene", "36 Barrels" and "The Balled of Cpl. Hornburg".

Overall, this is a collection of songs that The Real McKenzie fans will love, and fans of melodic or Celtic punk will get into with little effort and no regret. Definitely check it out.


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