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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Sick Urge and Deceit reviews

Release date June 1, 2020 (Bandcamp)

Rarely has this, shall we say "seasoned", reviewer been plastered to the wall quite as manically as by Sick Urge's new release, Structures of Domination (Bandcamp). Consisting of 15 songs over a blistering 15 minutes (that's an average of one minute per blitzkrieg track for you math challenged types), songs merge into one another in an unending hardcore punk assault on the senses. Bullhorn vocals, guitar driven riffage and a bulldozing rhythm section are the specialties of this Finnish mob who seem only too happy to deliver the punishment. Approach with caution! (8.5)

Next up, ambling out of Philadelphia are raw punkers Deceit, with their Life of Misery EP. Disheveled, unkempt and most certainly with a bee in their mohawks, this is a great example of textbook, old-school hardcore punk. Only minor complaint would be the sub-optimal sound here; the performances, writing and aggression otherwise are squarely on point. Containing four songs in six minutes, Deceit have issued a warning shot that they are not be trifled with. (7.5)

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