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Release date March 20, 2020 (Phobia Records)

This is the third full length release from Italy's Overcharge since their formation in 2012. This 33-minute, 9-song album is full of aggressive metal with a punk flavour, as the title suggests.

Made up of Josh on guitar, Marcio on bass and lead vocals, and Panzer on drums, this three-piece has found the sweet spot where extreme metal and hardcore punk aficionados can get their quota of noise, while more traditional metal fans can appreciate the excellent and catchy song writing. Overcharge are inhabiting the same metal zone that supported Motorhead and Venom for decades with original material that grabs you on first listen and gets better after that, and that is no easy feat.

The production quality is good, but not great. The amazing bass playing by Marcio could be a little bit higher in the mix, but as is, it is reminiscent of the sound and structure of the almighty Lemmy, and no higher praise is available.

Marcio seems to be putting on a bit of a death gurgle affectation, but he does not go full cookie-monster, so it isn't too distracting. He might want to try to sing it straight up in the future, because his voice sounds like there is enough rasp there anyway to be interesting and fitting for the output.

There is no filler on this album, but standout tracks include "Black Diesel Breath", "Backfire", "Dead City Punx" and "Bury the Damned". This is an extremely well written and performed record. Most regular visitors to The Mighty Decibel will be happy they checked this baby out.


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