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(Podcast) DEMO/EP NEW RELEASES - May/June 2020

It's Monday so it's time for a "New Release Monday" podcast ... this time it's DEMO/EP ROUNDUP for new releases issued in May/June 2020!

This is where we'll dive deep into the underground to bring you the latest demos, EPs, singles and mini-albums, many of them debut recordings from some potential future big-hitters in the world of metal, hard rock and punk.

Dive in!



(0:00) CAPRA - Capra (Bandcamp)

(3:13) FRONT - AntiChrist Militia (Bandcamp)

(7:32) FASAD - The End(Bandcamp)

(10:10) RITUAL MASS - Abhorred In The Eyes of God (Caligari Records)

(13:04) SCHEME - Scheme (Bandcamp)

(14:40) THROWNNESS - Anti-Human (Bandcamp)

(18:14) ATOMKRIG - Fire and Brimstone (Bandcamp)

(19:30) GRAVERIPPER - Complete Blinding Darkness (Bandcamp)

(22:15) CONVINCE - Russian Jawbreaker (Bandcamp)

(25:19) WALPURGIA - Altar of the Goatbaphomet (Helter Skelter/Regain)

(28:56) LOCKHEED - Conflict Delirium (Bandcamp)

(31:39) MVRDVRKVLTVR - Mauled By Savagery (Bandcamp)

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