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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Atomkrig and Collision

Take a deep breath before diving in with us into the world of underground extreme metal EPs, singles, mini-albums and such ...

First up we're off to Portugal for some pummeling crust punk from Atomkrig with their ten-track mini-album Fire and Brimstone (Bandcamp). The tempos are absolutely off the charts here, the bass active and high in the mix as you'd expect for the sub-genre. There's also some added d-beat accents, along with a roar vocalist somewhat akin to Barney Greenway (Napalm Death). For some reason, I hear a punk version of Possessed in a couple of places too ... strange, but welcome indeed. If you're looking for a run-into-the-wall-at-full-speed type of aural assault, look no further. (Note: Includes a cover of Doom's "Natural Abuse".) (8)

Netherlands veteran crossover unit Collision up next with their new EP The Final Kill (Hammerheart Records). Intersecting at the point where grindcore and thrash meet, most of this is chaotic rebellion, with megaphone-in-your-face type vocals added for good measure. Now this would be a disconcerting musical experience for most, but the band add the odd straight line rhythm to allow the listener to resettle every once in a while. Not too often though ... there's no question that Collision are serious about making one hell of a racket. Highlights here include the back-to-back blitzkrieg of "Shell Shock Suicide" and "Frozen In Terror". Frantic. (8)

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