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LOOSE NUKES - Cult Leader

Release Date April 7/20 (Mutant Sound Records)

Cult Leader is Loose Nuke's first full-length release since their 2016 formation in Houston (well, 28 minutes is full-length for punkers). This outfit are the epitome of hardcore punk, and with these 18 blistering songs they sound like they want to give The Exploited a run for their money as the reigning champs.

Most of the songs are between one and two minutes long, and are explosive hardcore ditties running through the usual punk subject matter: "Violent Retribution", "Heresy", "Hollywood is the CIA", and "Fuck!/Gimme Money" being examples. I would point out highlights, but the entire album is a highlight reel.

The sound production of this four-piece unit's work is excellent, with each instrument and the vocals being easily discernible, especially given the accelerated speed at which these guys like to play. The vocals are of the snarling variety and are similar to those of Steve Souza of Exodus fame, or of the new Nazareth front-man Carl Sentance (if that latter reference means something to you, and you interested in punk too, then you are REALLY hardcore).

Overall, this prime-time hardcore punk is not for the feint of heart ... fans of DRI, Agnostic Front and Poison Idea will eat it up though. If you are a metal head thinking of dipping your toe into the punk pool for the first time, then Loose Nukes are probably only for you if you think early Bathory is melodic.


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