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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Front and Evoker reviews

Interested in what's going on in the metal underground? You've come to the right place! Let's get to know a couple of underground entities who have issued short length releases this month.

First up we visit Finland for some blitzkrieg black metal from Front with their mini-album Antichrist Militia (Iron Bonehead). Firmly lining up beside the Marduk, Funeral Mist and Triumphators of the world, Front specialize in fist-to-face blackness taking great glee in reaming out aural punishment. Their version includes an element of D-beat within the delivery, along with some great singalong choruses that are sure to get pits involved ... when pits start up again! Harsh, martial blackness with an element of 'fuck-you' abandon on this twenty-three minute release. Highlight - the bloody brilliant and drum propelled "Machinegun Blasphemy", along with the sleaze-infested "Iron Front". Great stuff! (8)

We go Down Under for our next lesson in violence, where Evoker supplies us with their debut EP Evil Torment (Blood Harvest). Inserting enough blackness within their metal of death, I'd go as far as to proclaim them a black/death unit (even though the band define themselves as death metal). Regardless of how you label them, this is some seriously heavy stuff that underground enthusiasts will surely rejoice in listening to. Merlin Quinn's raspy vocals and the discernible bass of Hass are standout elements, but it is the persistent aggression levels that rule at the end of the day here. Highlights - "Old Evil" and "Sacrificial Lust". Headbanging, hair flaying metal for hardened extremists. (8)

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