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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Scheme and Obnoxious Youth

Once again into the salt mines we go, searching through reams of new demos, singles, mini-albums and EPs to potentially find the "next big thing".

First up we visit beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia for the rather ugly and abrasive Scheme who deliver their self titled debut EP (Bandcamp) of in-yer-face hardcore punk. Providing ten tracks in little over twelve minutes, they obviously take the "hit 'em hard and get the hell out" approach, wave after wave of raucous rebellion pasting you to the wall. Lots of d-beat rhythms and intensity here, Cordie's shout vocals perfectly suiting this type of punk rebellion. If you frequently listen to Poison Idea, Discharge, Final Conflict and the like, then you are hereby ordered to check out Scheme. (8)

Next, off we go to Sweden for some punk metal anarchy from Obnoxious Youth with their six-track mini-album Mouths Sewn Shut (Svart Records). In this case, Obnoxious Youth steer away from straight line d-beat into more chaotic terrain, populating their nineteen minutes with wild rhythm changes and harried, throat-shredding vocals. This is one of those 'hold-the-hell-on" type of releases where you're not quite sure from second to second where you're going to be taken on this frantic journey of a release. Kinda like The Accused crossed with early era Voivod. (7.5)

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