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COMMANDO - Love Songs #1 ... (Total Destruction, Mass Executions)

Release date April 13, 2020 (Firecum Records)

This is the first release by two-man band Commando since their 2017 formation. This is a mix of thrash, crossover and punk that would normally have this reviewer salivating, and instrumentally it does just that. José Alexandre Graça's drumming is great, and produced with an organic sound. Rui Vieira also does a fine job on the stringed instruments.

But the two of them share vocal duties, and that is mixed bag, to be kind. Vocals are mixed Portuguese and English, and range from annoying spoken word, to talentless death metal gurgles, to thrash-style shout vocals that are a welcome relief from the throw-away vox on too many tracks.

Of the sixteen songs on this effort of over thirty minutes, none hit four minutes, and four are under one minute in old school crossover style, like DRI or SOD, but, as a result, there is nothing to grab onto before it's over. Other songs channel Slayer, Kreator, Celtic Frost and Bathory. Probably the best tracks are opener "Metal is the Lei", "Black Thrash Dos 80s", "Moshpitas" and "Daisy".

There is some great stuff on this album, but you have to sift through too much throw-away rubbish to get at it. If these guys could focus and get serious, they could produce some amazing music.


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