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(Podcast) HIDDEN GEMS - Albums From The 2010s

We continue with our Hidden Gems series where we bring light albums that haven't been given appropriate levels of fame and attention.

This edition we focus on albums from the 2010s ...


(1:31) HIGH SPIRITS - Another Night (Bandcamp)

(5:58) NADIWRATH - Nihilistic Stench (Moribund)

(11:14) PENNYWISE - All Or Nothing (Epitaph)

(18:28) FALKENBACH - Asa (Prophecy)

(23:20) DARKTHRONE - The Underground Resistance (Peaceville)

(27:43) TED NUGENT - Shut Up & Jam (Frontiers)

(31:39) HOGJAW - Way Down Yonder (Snakefarm)

(39:52) SEPTIC TANK - Rotting Civilization (Rise Above)

(41:50) SOLSTICE - White Horse Hill (Bandcamp)

(45:27) CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL - Everbody's Going To Die (Bandcamp)

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