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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Toronto and Noidva

Let's dive into the metal underground for our next batch of demos, singles, mini-albums and EPs ...

First up we have Toronto, curiously based out of Sweden rather than Canada, with their debut mini-album Under Siege (Dying Victims), an eight-track, twenty-three minute sweaty affair. Going for the jugular like Midnight, this is some fast and furious speed metal, along with thrash accents and some blackened vocals (think Cronos on faster Venom fare). Absolutely no respite here, the band obviously relishing in the blow-back-your-hair velocity and fuck-you attitude. Excellent, fun stuff. (8)

We cross the border to Finland next, where we encounter Noidva providing us with their debut EP entitled Windseller (issued via Purity Through Fire). Melodic black metal with folk tinges is the band's stock in trade on this six-track, twenty-eight minute release. Harrowing throat shredding vocals set the table, while the paint-thinning guitar tone, intermittent keyboard and stellar drumming pull this together into one threatening piece of work. Highlight track here is the six-minute "Followers of the North Star" with its mandatory sing-along mid-section ... but it's all well produced and performed fare. (8)

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