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(Podcast) DOOM METAL NEW RELEASES - March/April 2020

It's Monday, so it's time for our NEW RELEASE MONDAYS podcast series.

This edition we're focusing on Doom Metal where we spotlight new and upcoming releases in doom metal/rock, including stoner of course. This episode we look at March and April 2020 releases.

We're all doomed!



(0:00) CANDLEMASS - The Pendulum (Napalm Records)

(7:09) DOOMFALL - Doomfall (Bandcamp)

(13:53) BONE CHURCH - Acid Communication (Ripple Music)

(19:30) LUCIFER - III (Century Media)

(23:06) THE WIZAR'D - Subterranean Exile (Cruz del Sur)

(27:58) GRIM FATE - Perished In Torment (Xtreem Music)

(32:29) SLEEPWULF - Sleepwulf (Cursed Tongue Records)

(36:41) DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE - The Trail (Suicide Records)

(40:59) WEED DEMON - Crater Maker (Electric Valley Records)

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