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GRIP INC. - Power Of Inner Strength

Release date March 7/95 (Steamhammer)

Flashback review previously not published

Grip Inc.'s first album contains insane levels of power, virtuoso musicianship and the clearest of loud production values. Virtually leaping out of the speakers, the clarity and ferocity in their attack is relentless.

Track 1 is an intriguing drum solo that leads into the pounding "Savage Seas (Retribution", where lead vocalist Gus Chambers immediately establishes his punk-influenced shout vocals. Immediately following is the thrash classic "Hostage To Heaven" ... Slayer themselves would be proud to have this one in their catalogue! Speaking of Slayer, Dave Lombardo proves that just because he left his LA mates for the drum seat with Grip Inc. he is not willing to give up his throne as the world's best extreme drummer.

The balance of the album is equal parts pounding ferocity and technical thrash, stamped with quality writing and playing standards. In the end what we're left with is one of the best thrash releases since Reign In Blood.


Update: This indeed is an underrated thrash classic (listen to this with headphones - wow!) and proved to be the band's best effort. That said, the other three records issued before their disbandment (R.I.P. Gus Chambers) are also worthy efforts to seek out for any extreme metal fan. (10)

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