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Release date April 3, 2020 (The Sign Records)

Lucifer Star Machine were founded in the UK in 2002, but German vocalist and band leader Tor Abyss moved back to his homeland in 2012 and the band have been all German since 2014. Devil's Breath is the band's fourth full length (and first as an all-Teutonic outfit).

LSM are a band that plays a tough style of rock'n'roll infused with punk, and even flashes of metal. Abyss' English language vocals span the gamut from a hard rock crooning to hardcore punk shouting. Similarly, the music is varied, from the hardcore of opener "The Void" (think Crumbsuckers) to "Devil's Breath", an acoustic number at the end (akin to the Supersuckers when they are in a mellow mood). The band give off a vibe that any fan of Bad Religion or latter era Ramones would appreciate.

There are no duds on this 13-track, 44-minute effort, but other standout tracks include "Eat Dust" (which could have been on a Suicidal Tendencies album), "El Camino Real" (which sounds like a 70s rock'n'roll James Bond theme) and the fast rocking of "Our Love Remains".

The production is top notch, with both of the guitars, the bass and drums all coming through the mix cleanly. And Abyss has found himself some quality kraut musicians, as there are no weak points in the instrumental presentation or backing vocals.

I liked this album from the get-go, but the only question was how much that would end up being. Every time I listen to this I like it more than the time before, so the answer is: a lot. If you like your music catchy and rockin', this is for you.


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