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Release date 2003 (Baphomet Records)

Review originally published in Rip'N'Tear Magazine Spring 2004

Man, there's no question in this scribe's mind that of all the heavy genres, black metal had by far the highest number of quality releases this year. Nephenzy Chaos Order's (N.C.O.) Pure Black Disease helps substantiate this claim, representing yet another shining example of stirring blackness. In this case we're treated to to a mix of Marduk style viciousness (fast and mid-paced), Swedish BM precision with subtle guitar melodies and a touch of latter day Mayhem coldness.

The production (a Tommy Tagtgren Abyss knob job) and performances are both top notch, creating a raging BM cacophony that reminds one of the Memorex commercial where the listener's hair is being blown back by the auditory power being expended.

I would be remiss to not include some accolades for the fine gargled vocal performance, especially during 'Insomnia', where the vocalist's anguished cries of "Save me I am drowning ... save me I am dying" send shivers down the spine. Yet another BM album to add to your shopping list if you are so inclined.


Update: Damn shame that this was the band's lone album. "Total Abuse' remains one of my fave BM tracks of all time. Harrowing. (8)

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