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(DVD) RUSH - Rush In Rio

Released October 21/2003 (Anthem)

From the vaults - review previously unreleased.

Wow. Rush's new DVD is an auditory and visual extravaganza of the highest order, sporting precise picture quality and pristine sound. The concert material runs over the two hour mark with some inspired song selection covering tracks from their first album all the way to their latest. High;ights include '2112' and 'Freewill', but the ultimate has to be encoring with 'Bytor and the Snow Dog', 'Cygnus X-1' and 'Working Man'. Simply brilliant.

Of course, Rush ain't no AC/DC or Ted Nugent in the stage presence department, so luckily the Brazlian fans step in to play an important role singing along, bouncing enthusiastically and looking to the heavens thanking the Gods for finally being able to see the Canuck unit in their country.

The extras provided are also impressive, including an essay from Peart and a lengthy documentary of the boys on the road during the three gig swing in Brazil, solidifying the low-key image the band members have built for themselves over time. (It's hard to imagine the good humoured, mellow guitarist Lifeson ever getting involved in a dust-up with the cops!)

This DVD re-energized my interest in the band, causing me to whip out their back catalogue for some listening sessions. Isn't that what a good retrospective DVD package is supposed to do- yet so frequently does? This is a must-have, even for the casual Rush fan. Buy, buy, buy.


Update: If you only have one Rush DVD, this is the one to have in your collection. Essential. (10)

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