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MOTORHEAD - 25 & Alive Boneshaker (DVD)

Flashback!!! Release date 2002 (SPV/Steamhammer)

Written in 2002, but previously unreleased review.

Celebrating 25 years of bashing, everything louder than everything else hard music, Motorhead lured the likes of Brian May, Doro Pesch and even ex-guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke (who looks suspiciously like an accountant, but nails the solo on "Overkill" just like the old days) to join them in October of 2000 at London's Brixton Academy. What's better, those who couldn't attend the gig now get the next best thing - a DVD documenting the event.

And what an event it was - an extended set (23 classic punches to the face) that culminates in the return of the Bomber lighting rig, a massive wall of guitars and the oh-so-appropriate dropping of black balloons into the crowd. More importantly, this was a band firing on all cylinders supporting one of their strongest albums ever (We Are Motorhead); some may argue differently (Lemmy wouldn't), but this DVD proves that this is the best Mo'Head lineup of all time. Mickey Dee's overwhelming drumming, Wizo's OTT guitar and Mr. Kilmister's rumbling bass decimate the memory of all other versions of the band. As Lemmy says, "A band that makes you want to play in a band."

If the Brixton show ain't enough, Boneshaker also includes four songs from Wacken, a couple of music videos and backstage interviews with the band and their guests on the night. It even includes some footage from the old days and a segment where Lemmy honestly evaluates all the past and present members of the band (some not so glowingly). Just like his music, Lemmy doesn't pull any punches. No bullshit, no labels - no compromise.


Update: If you could only pick one Motorhead DVD to own, this would be it. A career spanning (to that point) review of all things Motorhead. A must-have for any self-respecting fan of the band. (9)

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