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(Podcast) SLAYER - Discography Review

The Mighty Decibel completes its fifth discography review podcast, focusing on thrash metal gods SLAYER.

From Show No Mercy to Repentless, all 11 original studio albums (and one extra release) are ravaged or lustily approved in this critical review ... with highlight tracks to help set the record straight!

(3:03) "Show No Mercy" - Show No Mercy

(7:34) ''Haunting The Chapel" - Haunting The Chapel

(13:02) "Necrophiliac" - Hell Awaits

(18:11) "Epidemic" - Reign In Blood

(22:09) "Silent Scream" - South of Heaven

(25:56) "Spirit In Black" - Seasons in the Abyss

(31:01) "Dittohead" - Divine Intervention

(35:10) "Stain of Mind" - Diabolus in Musica

(39:27) "Payback" - God Hates Us All

(43:41) "Catalyst" - Christ Illusion

(47:29) "Psychopathy Red" - World Painted Blood

(51:43) "Take Control" - Repentless

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