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REAPER - Unholy Nordic Noise

Release date January 30/20 (Iron Bonehead)

Once past the quiet instrumental opener, the first few songs on Reaper's debut full length Unholy Nordic Noise will likely have you thinking early-era Bathory, especially considering the similar cackle vocal approach utilized here. However, once properly acclimatized, it becomes clear that this isn't simple regurgitation, as the Swedish unit apply a little more thrash and d-beat to their concoction. Additionally, there's also an underlying element of chaos that brings to mind the early blights from Venom and Voivod.

So sure, there's no denying that at its heart there are references to first wave blackness, but Reaper do a good job in creating their own sound, one that will appeal to mainstream BM fans, as well as its hardcore base. Discounting the instrumental opener and closer, you're left with 26-minutes of in-yer-face thrashed-up blackness over ten tracks, so this is very much one of those "get in and get the hell out" releases meant to shock and awe. Consider yourselves warned.


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