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SOLSTICE - White Thane EP

Release date November 30/19 (Bandcamp)

Solstice's White Horse Hill was The Mighty Decibel's #1 heavy metal album of 2018, so you know that we have our ear to the ground when it comes to any news about these gods of epic doom. Seems that the U.K. unit has replaced singer Paul Kearns with Hagthorne (Chalice), as well as switching bassists. Given same, the band have decided to issue a two-track EP of re-recorded versions of both 'White Horse Hill' and 'To Sol A Thane' ... hence, the White Thane title.

The original guitar and drum tracks from the album are retained, with only the vocals and bass duties replaced here. As a result, the basic tenets of the tracks remain intact, however, Hagthorne's vocals are less baritone (no surprise given she's female), providing an ethereal edge that was missing on the original versions, while retaining the despondent tone. Not sure if I like her voice as much as Kearne's, but a really good fit for the band nonetheless. Can't wait to hear new material from the revised unit.

The best news though is that this a "name your price" offering on Bandcamp, so there's no excuse for not picking this up. Do yourself a favour though and pick up the White Horse Hill full length too, while you're at it. A classic 10/10 release if there ever was one.


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