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Release date November 11, 2002 (Arctic)

Review previously printed in Rip'N'Tear Magazine, Issue #17

I'm not sure why the ratings for this album in the metal press have mainly been average. While The Will To Kill doesn't quite match the brilliance of its illustrious predecessor (Evenomed - one of the top three albums of 2000 in my humble opinion), it still delivers a killing blow re-establishing Malevolent Creation as one of the best death metal bands around. The kamikaze speed slays and the tempo shifts still invigorate, while the wild lead guitar solos are straight out of the Slayer text-book.

The return of Kyle Symons to the mic brings a more traditional death grunter to the fold, which seems to be preferred by many. Personally, I prefer the more unique warbling of ex-crooner Brett Hoffman, but regardless, Symons fits this killing machine perfectly.

Conclusion - a must-have for all death metal freaks. (Highlighted tracks: the Kreator-like precision of 'Lifeblood' and the buzzing excess of 'The Cardinal's Law'.)


Updated assessment: Truth be told, I haven't played this album that much since its issuance, but listening to it again some 17 years later, I gotta say that my review still rings true. Consistently fast paced and face-melting, if issued today, The Will To Kill would still warrant an (8) IMO.

Note: Check out this year's 13th Beast release, proving that Malevolent Creation are still a strong death metal institution.

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