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IOMMI - Iommi

Release date October 10/00 (Divine Recordings)

Review originally published in Rip'N'Tear Magazine, Issue #8

Tony Iommi's first solo release (Seventh Star was originally scheduled to be his first, but his record company convinced him to issue it under the Sabbath moniker) is very much a collection of singles rather than a proper album due to the inclusion of different guest vocalists on each of the ten tracks. Most of the song structures fluctuate between soft and ponderously slow (but heavy) sections, coming off like derivative early Sabbath crossed with modern day alternative angst.

Three quarters of the original Sabbath even get together on one track (Geezer being the missing link) with unspectacular results, as Ozzy struggles to hit some of his notes. And you know things aren't looking good when the opening track sounds like Pantera's 'Walk' (featuring some stealthy vocals from Henry Rollins); this from the riff god of all time.

Luckily, there are two standout tracks from surprising sources. Billy Idol provides rockin' vocals on 'Into The Night', which sounds like what Sabbath would spew out if they had had Jim Morrison as lead throat and 'Black Oblivion' is an adventurous, multi-tempoed pounder where Billy Corgan's nasal whine fits perfectly in the proceedings. However, looking at this release as a whole, it must be described as disappointing and ultimately pointless.


Post Assessment: Yep - nailed it. I should mention that there's some mighty fine guitar soloing herein, though. (6)

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