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NOVA - Veniamo Dal Cielo

Release date December 13/19 (ATMF)

Nova's 2017 release Soli Contro il Mondo impressed this scribe (here's the link to the Bravewords review if interested ... with its weighty amalgamation of black and folk metal, earning comparisons to Thy Primordial and Primordial, along with an 8.5 rating. Two years later we're now presented with a follow-up in the form of Veniamo Dal Cielo.

Fortunately, not much has changed. Membership in the four-piece Italian unit has remained constant over its three album existence, the group obviously being in musical sync. Once again they hit hard, speedy blackness scratching that itch that craves melodic chord structures, offset by punishing drum patterns, heaving guitar riffage and subterranean gruff vocals. A bloody pleasure to listen to really, as all the tracks prove to be memorable entries into the folk-tinged melodic black metal sub/sub-genre. Nine tracks over thirty-five minutes of high quality writing, performances and production in full display here.


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