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TED NUGENT - Love Grenade

Release date September 4, 2007

Flashback review originally published in Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Magazine, Issue #107

Outrageous. There's no way that a 59 year old man should be rocking this hard or having this much fun. But, hey, this is the Motorcity Madman we're talking about, a man who has always eschewed drugs and drink, preferring to keep is body and mind pure to embrace his passions passionately.

The sound on Love Grenade (produced by Uncle Ted and his Damn Yankee bloodbrother Jack Blades) is exceptional, managing to capture the wild energy of a Nuge rockout and his over-the-top attitude perfectly. Whether it be the stormtroopin' military precision of 'Still Raising Hell', the hilariously so-Ted 'Funk U' or the free for all of the title track, Love Grenade detonates at every turn.

If all of us at 59 had one-tenth the amount of energy and audacity the Nuge has, the world would be a much better place. Whack-em Ted.


One of the biggest surprises of the 2000's has been the rebirth of The Motorcity Madman. The 80's and 90's were not kind to the lad, his five albums issued during the period being less than stellar in both quality and sales. So, when the Nuge returned in 2002 with the amazing (10 out of 10) Craveman, his hardcore legion of fans rejoiced and wallowed in the sustained feedback, like the old days.

Five years later, out comes Love Grenade (original rejected cover included for posterity!) finding Nugent still in rhythmically bruising form, screaming at the top of his lungs that he's still alive, dammit. While not quite as strong as Craveman, this is still prime Nuge fare, rocking out hard and true.

So, yeah, I still stand by my original review, but would also highlight 'Stand', which perfectly encapsulates Ted's personal philosophy of self reliance, and just so happens to be my fave track on this platter. I'd be remiss if I also didn't mention that you'll find some of his best lead guitar soloing herein as well. This sits right up there in my collection with Cat Scratch Fever and Free For All. Classic. (9)

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