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WOLFBRIGADE - The Enemy: Reality

Release date November 8/19 (Southern Lord)

Expecting more of the relatively straight forward hardcore punk with D-Beat accents as 2017's Run With The Hunted, I was left somewhat surprised by this latest full length from Sweden's Wolfbrigade. While not a wholesale change-up, there's no doubting that there's a tad more Swedish death metal and Motorhead bashing to this outing, the overall speed and punk elements of The Enemy:Reality being throttled back a bit compared to its predecessor.

Old time fans, and new ones for that matter, shouldn't be scared away from this though. Things are still as abrasive and fun as always. Mikael Dahli's vocals are still urging listeners to wallow in the muck with the lads, coming across similar to Entombed A.D.'s L-G Petrov.

One highlight here would be 'Hammer To The Skull', with its opening homage to early Venom. Other key tracks include the traditional off-the-rails hardcore punk of 'The Wolfman', 'Wells of Despair' and 'Narcissistic Breed', with melodic guitar runs included on the latter for effect. A great entry into the hardcore punk world for those with a proclivity for Swedish death metal.


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