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INFIDEL REICH - Reichenstein

Release date November 15/19 (Helter Skelter)

Blubbering bass and a rumbling locomotive riff a la Motorhead greets the listener on the title track opener on Infidel Reich's debut full length, Reichenstein. Attention grabbing to say the least! From thereon in, songs are separated by short blasts of static, akin to changing radio stations, proving especially effective given the variation of sounds between the tracks. While undoubtedly sitting under the extreme metal umbrella, there are elements of black, death, punk and crossover here - something the band calls "Working-Class Death Metal".

While the band doesn't endorse any political, religious or racial agenda, there's no doubting that the politically correct crowd will freak over the lyrical content here. Vincent Crowley (Acheron) expends much vocal vitriol over such topics as immigration ('Killing Cultures'), the right to bear arms ('Gunzilla's Stand'), the monetization of religion ('Selling Salvation') and individuality ('Victim's Inc.').

Kudos to the band for shaking up the scene with this provocative release, its content clearly challenging listeners to reflect and take a stand on many relevant topics of the day.


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