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Flashback !!! Release date April 2008 (Various)

Review originally published in Rip'N'Tear Magazine, Issue #112

Nothing much worse than a vital, relevant band calling it a day before its time. Here we have a perfect example, Sweden's Hellacopters saying adios via this full-length. Cool though how the band refers back to its guitar-solos-'til-dawn, rawk'n'roll roots with opener 'Electrocute', before settling down to deliver another immaculate hard rock'n'roll album. Lotsa rootsy keyboard work help keep toes tapping along with the infectious, smiles-fer-miles rock-outs. There are also a number of high octane rockers powered by some seriously blubbering bass and tasty guitar licks too.

Man, what a crying shame that this is it. There just aren't enough bands left cranking out this type of high quality, party-'til-you-puke rock'n'roll anymore. The Hellacopters will be missed.


Update: The good news is that the band has since reunited, playing several festival gigs over the last few years ... the bad news being no new albums delivered or promised, as of yet. Looking back at the review, I stand behind its sentiment, but would ratchet back the mark slightly and admit that I should have mentioned that it's a cover album. Silly twat! (8)

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