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DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Live in Toronto

Sneaky Dee’s – Toronto - October 13, 2019

Some 40 years into their storied career, Victoria B.C. punk legends the Dayglo Abortions are still a force to be reckoned with. That is a fact that the 300 or so fans who came out to see them on Thanksgiving Sunday night will attest to. The band didn’t make it on stage until well after 1 a.m., there having been five(!) opening acts, so by the time they actually began playing, the crowd was both tired and ready (or was that just me?).

Led by guitarist/vocalist/founder Murray “the Cretin” Acton, the band ran through many of their classics for a little over an hour. Cretin’s voice has held up well over the decades, despite his apparent malnourished state (which he emphasized by taking his shirt off after the second song and by drinking lots of beer). His lead guitar work is original and much more nuanced than most of his peers in other punk bands though.

After more than three years in the band, bassist Matt Fiorito has obviously found a home, and he and Cretin have a connection musically and on stage (up to and including Fiorito feeding Cretin whiskey between songs). Rounding out the band is drummer Blind Marc who replaced original drummer Jesus Bonehead upon his retirement in 2010.

All in all, this band is comprised of very competent musicians, which isn’t always the case in the world of punk. Oldies such as “Dog Farts”, “I Am My Own God”, “Two Dogs Fucking”, “Proud to be Canadian”, “Religious Bumfucks” and “Stupid Songs” were well received by the crowd, which included a surprisingly large number of women, given the nature of the music and the raunchy lyrics. The inclusion of only one song from their brilliant Here Today, Guano Tomorrow album ('Drugged and Driving') was disappointing, as was a failure to play highlights from the Holy Shiite album. But the band has a healthy discography and the musical ability to turn even their second tier songs into a first class set list.

For those who love their punk old school and raw, this was the show for you. If you haven’t had the chance to see the Dayglos live, or you thought they disbanded in the 1990s, get out and see them when they hit your town. How long these guys will manage to survive is anyone’s guess…..but on the over-under, I’m taking under.

Editor's note: Cretin has contacted us and claims to be fully nourished! We at the Mighty Decibel can only dream of being that skinny in our late 50s!

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