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SAMMATH - Across The Rhine Is Only Death

Release date Oct 7/19 (Hammerheart)

Man, this is some of the most intense, annihilating black metal these bedraggled ears have ever absorbed ... and trust me, I've partaken in more than my share. The appropriately titled 'Savagery' kicks things off, setting the OTT pace and viciousness, and the Netherlands-based unit retain the pain throughout this 8-track, 40-minute blitzkrieg of an album. Let's just say that if you're someone who reaches for Marduk albums on a regular basis, you're gonna wet yourself over this.

Not that Sammath sound like Marduk necessarily, rather that they share the same red-eyed, sure-fire focus of using black metal and WWII themes as vehicles to paste you to the wall. Blast beats aplenty, along with some searing riffage and world class, horrific vocals create a cacophony that will be as regrettable to most as it is embraced by the few (you know who you are). Take your most vile aspects of Impaled Nazarene and merge with the impenetrable force of Marduk, and there you have Sammath. Hail!


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