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(Podcast) Hidden Gems: 80s Thrash Albums

Originally published Oct 3/2019

We continue with our Hidden Gems series where we bring light to albums that haven't been given appropriate levels of fame and attention.

On this edition we focus on 80s thrash metal. Thrash 'til death!


(1:31) ONSLAUGHT - Power From Hell (Children of the Revolution)

(5:58) HALLOW'S EVE - Tales of Terror (Metal Blade)

(11:14) ARTILLERY - Fear of Tomorrow (Neat)

(18:28) WHIPLASH - Power & Pain (Roadrunner)

(23:20) RAZOR - Malicious Intent (Viper)

(27:43) CYCLONE - Brutal Destruction (Roadrunner)

(31:39) SACRIFICE - Forward to Termination (Diabolic Force)

(39:52) VENDETTA - Go and Live ... Stay and Die (Noise)

(41:50) RIGOR MORTIS - Rigor Mortis (Capital)

(45:27) ACID REIGN - The Fear (Under One Flag)

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