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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Har and Woundvac

Once more we delve into the quagmire that is underground metal EPs, singles, demos and mini-albums ...

Up first we have a demo from Israel-based heavies HAR entitled Anti-Shechinah (Bandcamp). Providing a heaving display of black/death (accentuation on the latter), the five-piece pummel the crap out of their instruments and our ears in as concussive a release as you'll find doing the rounds right now. Wall-of-sound, bulldozing riffage swirls about endlessly, while Ofek Saadi summons bellows from some place deep in his belly, providing the coup-de-grace. For cavern-dwelling extremists only. (7)

Next up we have a five-track, ten minute EP from Phoenix, Arizona grind enthusiasts WOUNDVAC with their The Road Ahead (Corpse Flower Records) release. Lots of high velocity grinding rhythms here, as expected. However, the hoarse shouting-through-a-blow-horn vocals lend this an extreme hardcore edge, as well. Additionally, there's a chaotic edge, riffs coming at you from different angles at times, creating a jarring listening experience. (7)

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