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SUPERSUCKERS - The Evil Powers Of Rock'N'Roll

Throwback review!!! Release date October 19/99 (Koch Records)

Review originally published in Rip'N'Tear magazine Issue #5

This reviewer has been blown away by the recent influx of material marrying the attitude and velocity of punk rock with the catchiness of rock'n'roll. Leading the charge of this relatively new sub-genre are Seattle's Supersuckers, with the release of The Evil Powers Of Rock'N'Roll.

The thing that stands out most about this platter is how memorable and fun the hook-laden material is to listen and air-guitar to. (The neighbors must think I'm possessed, considering I spent much of the weekend headbanging to this high energy romp over and over again while completing yard cleaning duties!).

The Evil Powers Of Rock'N'Roll would have been in the top three of my year-end best-of list (along with newies from Vader and Necrophobic) if it weren't for its late 1999 release date. (Note: The Supersuckers will be opening for the mighty Motorhead on June 24th at The Wharehouse.)


Updated analysis: A stone cold classic 10/10 that still visits my death-deck regularly. The song writing on the thing is just so damn memorable, definitely the band's best album of a pretty strong discography. Love the sense of humour too. They happen to be amazing live, as well. Check 'em out next time they come to your town. (10)

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