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MARTIN POPOFF - Where Eagles Dare (Iron Maiden in the 80's)

The illustrious professor of heavy metal, Martin Popoff, bestows metal heads with yet another history lesson in book form ... in this case focusing on NWOBHM stalwarts Iron Maiden. Even better, this tome relates specifically to the early era of the band, up to the end of the Eighties. Given that this reviewer has limited hunger for or interest in the post-Powerslave era, this slides right into my wheelhouse.

As usual, Popoff splits chapters by album, covering and uncovering information about individual tracks, tour itineraries and life-on-the-road details that will leave you eagerly turning the page for more new tidbits and insight. However, the affect is heightened further here given the amount of detail covering the time between the band's inception and Killers, representing close to half of the content of the book. Really cool to read insights from Di'Anno, artist Derek Riggs and manager Rod Smallwood, as well as stories regrading the carousel of band members in the early years. One of The Professor's better reads.


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