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MYLINGAR - Doda Sjalar

Release date August 2/19 (20 Buck Spin)

The sophomore full length from Sweden's Mylingar (translates in Scandanavian folklore to wandering ghosts of unbaptized children) is one of the most oppressive albums of 2019 to date. A non-stop assault on the senses, crescendos of black/death riffage continuously batter in an all-encompassing wall-of-sound that approaches anti-music levels. Additionally, some discordant passages are also inserted making this feel even more jarring and foreign. Then unrecognizable vocal expulsions are belched, groaned, spat and growled over top to add to the whole punishment-as-music theme. Funnily enough, the most digestible track is the elongated concluding 'Forlusten', a ten-minute monster, but that may be just because it is only until the end that your ears start to become acclimatized to the violence.

Certainly can appreciate the intensity and abrasiveness here, but it's hard to see this appealing to many beyond the most depraved uber-underground extremist. Even many seasoned metal vets will simply interpret this as just a bunch of noise. Approach with caution ... or just run the Hell away now. Me? I'm looking on from a safe distance.


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