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EXCUSE - Prophets From The Occultic Cosmos

Release date August 2/19 (Shadow Kingdom)

Here we have the debut full length from Finland's Excuse for consideration, the supporting label info suggesting that the band's previous EP had elements of Sacrifice and Razor in its grooves. Interest sufficiently piqued given that I am a huge Razor fan, I approached this outing with high expectations ... and was left somewhat confused.

Not sure whether the band has changed its sound since their EP or whether the label description was incorrect, but what this reviewer hears instead is a straight-up speed metal band. Specifically, it sounds like sped-up, early Maiden, complete with a bass-heavy production focus and melodic guitar soloing. Tracks are relatively long (one even exceeding the 10-minute mark), allowing for much rhythmic veracity and acrobatics, while the Tom G. Warrior-style vocal adds some grime to proceedings. With lots of time changes and galloped tempos, it's easy to envisage the band kicking this out live, feet on monitors and sweaty mob in support in the pit. Well executed and highly energetic, this should appeal to hardcore speed metal freaks and trad metalists alike. It's got nothing to do with Razor or Sacrifice though.


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