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MIDNIGHT PREY - Uncertain Times

Release date November 8/19 (Dying Victims)

Here's a strange one out of Hamburg, Germany for ya. Mixing classic rock, hard rock and heavy metal, Midnight Prey's debut full length Uncertain Times will have you thinking hard about all of the influences on display as you listen intently. For example, 'The Tower' and 'Wen Es Von Vorn beginnt' sound like a young hard rock/metal hybrid unit influenced by Ted Nugent, 'Black Tower' rumbles proud akin to Motorhead, while 'Stoff' and "The Fall (into The Atmosphere)' come across like the Tragically Hip applying some tricky time changes a la Iron Maiden. Weird ... but subversively catchy, as I found myself willingly playing this over and over again.

The virtuosity and intensity of the rhythm section is what will suck you in at first, again sitting somewhere in the hard rock/metal mid-point, giving you time to come to grips with the vocals. Guitarist Winston's work at the mic is a little off-putting at first, a curious mixture of angst and goth over-zealousness, but become part of the fabric of each song after repeated listens. One of those albums that provide increased satisfaction the more time you give it, Uncertain Times is a damn fine debut outing deserving of hard rock and trad metal fans' attention.


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