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NUCLEAR REVENGE - Let The Tyrants Rise

Release date Oct 5/18 (Evil Spell)

Apologies for reviewing a "dated" album from late 2018, but this is so damn good, it had to be covered. Out of Spain we have the enthusiastically over-the-top debut full-length from Nuclear Revenge.

The first two tracks storm out of the gates mixing Teutonic thrash and violent black metal, coming across like Endless Pain crossed with Panzer Division Marduk. Killer. The third track then takes the listener on a straightforward speed metal romp, while the fourth track starts out tentatively in trad metal mode before exploding into a frenzied speed/thrash ripper, my neck all the while straining to keep up with the abusive tempos.

Seven more tracks follow, mixing all of these same elements in different combinations, ensuring that you're always left guessing what's to come. What is consistent throughout though is the brutal delivery, great song-writing and Cryptic Molestor's early Mille Petrozza (Kreator) inspired admonitions-for-vocals. A friggin' great record for hardcore thrashers, speed metal freaks and violent BMers. Love it!

Fave tracks: "Ancient Rites" and "Burn The Holy Cross".


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