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MEAN MACHINE - Rock'N'Roll Up Your Ass

Released Aug 8/19 (Fighter)

Very appropriately titled, this third full length from Barcelona, Spain speedsters Mean Machine takes punk and metal injecting it with a dose of volatile rock'n'roll. Call it turbo charged metal punk'n'roll if you will. Containing 12 tracks of drag-racing intensity over 36 minutes, this high energy concoction forces the listener to strap in tight or be left with tire marks over their backside.

For those new to the genre, imagine early Motorhead on speed and you'll be in the right race track. Narrowing down the sound for those more attuned to this type of fare, this is less of the frantic punked-up blitz that is Zeke and more like a struck-in-high-gear Airbourne. Delving even deeper into the scene, Mean Machine land in the same heaving space as Speedealer, Go To Hells, Lambs, Midnight Evils and the like. And I'm more than fine with it ... strap me in!


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