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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - The Gavel and Jesusegg

Once again, The Mighty Decibel dives into the murky depths of demos, EPs, singles and mini-albums ...

We start things off with a thrash/hardcore hybrid release from THE GAVEL with their Rotten Remains EP (Bandcamp). First thing of note here is the stellar production job, the rhythm section absolutely crushing, especially the fat bass sound that blubbers up from underneath. Wow - perfect for this mainly mid-tempo type of heaving thrash-come-hardcore. Headbanging fare throughout its four track, eleven minutes, with enough fast sections to keep you on your toes and the vocalist hardcore-roaring warnings of imminent danger. Heavy ass stuff. [8]

Incredibly packing in 15 songs on its 11-minute mini-album, we have JESUSEGG going all-out grind on their Second Coming release (Bandcamp). Vocalist Matt Philips is especially effective, his combative vocals able to switch easily between shriek and roar with seemingly minimal effort. Mixing straight ahead grinders with spastic, atonal tracks, the listener is left disoriented as track-after-track of excess washes over you in quick succession. No breathing room - no respite. For professional grind aficionados only. [7]

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