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VARIOUS - Scorn Coalescence

Release date July 26/19 (Cyclopean Eye Productions)

Encompassing one track from each of four units, this split EP showcases the strength of the black/death underground:

Up first out of Sri Lanka is SERPENTS ATHIRST with the blasting 'Poisoning The Seven'. Playing straight up violent black metal, it immediately goes for the jugular only releasing its grip when switching to a mid-tempo battering ram riff conclusion. Gargled vocals seal the deal making this something that Marduk fans will embrace. [7.5]

Also out of Sri Lanka we have GENOCIDE SHRINES who provide a pummeling 'All and/or Nothing'. Coming out of the black/death camp, the guitars down-tuned for that extra heft, the lads take the listener into the muck for a righteous beating here. All the while the guttural death vocals provide kidney shots. Punishing. [7]

We go to New Zealand for our third act, TREPANATION, who provide us with the rather intimidating 'B/H/T'. Hard to get a strong hold on this band given the track is only three minutes long, but what is clear is that the band take their extremism very seriously. Starting from a black/death base, they liberally add in grindcore and doom sections (with what sounds like tweeting bird sounds in the background at one point!) to make sure the listener is kept off balance. [7]

Closing out the package is another New Zealand band, HERESIARCH, who supply 'Dread Prophecy'. Approaching war metal territory, the band's black/death sonic obliteration is impressive indeed. Switching to a doomed conclusion, they prove to be one heavy-ass unit to behold in action. Beware. [7.5]

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