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Release date October/18 (Bandcamp)

Even though the album cover screams hardcore punk (depicting punks in a violent uprising beating up police), what we have here is an intriguing unit out of Argentina which straddles the line between thrash metal and hardcore punk. While most songs are built around thrash structures, they're delivered with HC punk attitude, complete with an in-your-face, guttural punk vocal performance that bellows anarchy.

Enthusiastically over-the-top, Methrasheros rumble, stomp and basically run roughshod over 12-tracks covering 34 minutes, at times approaching old-school Venom territory. Love the overall feel of this album, mixing good-time rocking with heads-down conviction, making this the type of stuff that will go down a storm when reaching for that tenth brew. Mohawk sporting punks and long haired metalheads arm-in-arm in solidarity. Fun stuff.


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