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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Kapala and Undoer

Digging further into the metal underground, The Mighty Decibel unearths more EPs, singles, mini-albums and demos ...

Taking the term war metal literally, India's KAPALA issue forth their sophomore EP of armed warfare entitled Termination Apex (Bandcamp). Initiated with an intro sounding like civilians being rounded up for slaughter, it perfectly sets the mood for what follows here. First track proper 'Martial Dominance' actually utilizes machine gun fire drumming strafing the listener, before all-out war is initiated in an incomprehensibly noisy attempt to deafen and defile. Vocals are of the incoherent, guttural form buried in the mix, sounding like a demented general urging his troops to further acts of hideous excess. Anti-music sentiment to the core, Kapala actually straddle the line between war metal and noise. Not for the timid. Choice cut: 'Vomit The Phosphorus'. [7]

We go to Turkey next for Survival Is A Myth, the debut EP from black metal unit UNDOER (Bandcamp). Doesn't sound like a debut though, the production allowing for instrument differentiation and the players in total control of their chosen weapons. There's also some nuance to the writing, the three tracks (covering 23-minutes) sporting nooks and crannies, not just one-dimensional forays. At the core is some serious blasting blackness, but there are elements of the melodic version of the form, as well as some passing oratorical references (refer to the title track from Mayhem's A Grand Declaration Of War). Impressive. [7]

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